• Dry skin

    Dry skin doesn't naturally produce enough sebum and have enough lipids to make barrier to protect skin moisture.

    It needs hydration, and a coat of moisturizer.

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  • Oily skin

    Oily skin tends to produce excess sebum, which can sometimes clog sweat glands and pores, and cause breakouts.

    It needs regular cleansing and mild moisturization.

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  • Combination skin

    Different parts of combination skin produce different amounts of sebum, causing dry and oily skin problems in different parts.

    It needs mild skincare, with varying density on parts.

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  • Acne-prone skin

    Acne is most frequently caused by sebum and dead skin clogging pores and hair follicles, causing inflammation.

    It needs regular cleansing with mild products.

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What our customers say

Acne Spot Treatment


Yes, the acne got disappeared. I couldn't imagine that actually it worked so well. Highly recommended. And thanks for such a genuine herbal product. Loved it!!

- Monica B

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Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum


This product helped my skin recover from post covid viral shedding. It is very safe for skin that is inflamed.
Love this and would repurchase again.
Bonus point is it's good for layering with any product

- Sharada

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African Black Soap


I have very dry skin that itches terribly if I skip moisturiser after bath, and is very easily prone to eczema. I did not realise how much my skin loved this body wash till I got through my bottle of this body wash and had to use by spare Cetaphil cleanser. My skin just wouldn't have it! I ordered my second bottle, and eagerly waiting for it <3
- Neema

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