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Rose Hydrating Mist (Organic Rose Water)

Rose Hydrating Mist (Organic Rose Water)

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Our Rose water is steam distilled from Chaitri Gulab. It is an excellent toner for all skin types, including Sensitive and Acne-prone and works as a great pick-me-up for dehydrated, dull skin.

Chaitri rose blooms in the hottest part of India, in the month of Chaitra, i.e. March - April. It is light pink in color (unlike the roses grown in other parts of India), has a very sweet fragrance and is quite- delicate looking. What makes it different than other roses, is thaf the nutrition of the entire year goes into this one final bloom in month of Chaitra.

Bonus: Beautiful Fragrance, that is not artificial.

Ingredients : Pure steam distilled Rose Hydrosol.


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