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After bath Warming Oil

After bath Warming Oil

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Beat your winter woes with this warming and relaxing oil.

Made with stimulating spices, flowers and cooling camphor, this oil is works great at easing unpredictable aches, pain and stiffness in body, which always feels more distressing during colder months. Indulging in some warming abhyanga post bath with is one easy lazy way for you to balance kapha and vata this season, while enjoying some aromatherapy from aromatic spices and flowers at the same time.


What it does?

  • Soft, Nourished and revitalized skin
  • Soothes Vata related concerns like joints pains and aches
  • Balances Kapha, keeps body warm and comfortable to brave the cold season
  • Non - greasy and nourishing
  • Fragrance free, suits all skin types
  • Bonus: Natural, inherent spicy warm aroma, perfect for fuzzy feels!


What's in it?

Cold pressed Sesame Oil, Seasonal Parijat Flowers, Green Cardamom, Cloves, Ratanjot, Bhimseni Camphor and Ajwain Sat.


How to use?

Apply on damp skin post bath, and massage with light hands till absorbed.

As this is a warming oil, once the oil is absorbed do not massage further.


Shelf Life: 12 months



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