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Himalayan Glow Mask & Scrub
Himalayan Glow Mask & Scrub

Himalayan Glow Mask & Scrub

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Use this product for that sunkissed glow, and flake away all the dead skin as bonus. You skin will feel super soft after all the pampering from Himalayan raw honey and sweet almond oil, that you wont even need to moisturize. The sweet almond oil is pressed in house from Gurbandi almonds, to make sure you get best quality

Pro tip: Use it on your thighs to help with the cellulite.



    • Himalayan multiflora Honey, unfiltered and raw


    • Indigenous Coorgi Coffee Arabica


    • Coconut Meal


    • Vegetable Glycerin


    • Sweet almond oil


    • Vanilla Bean Seeds

Use: Apply pea sized amount on damp skin. Leave on for 10 minutes to let the mask work its magic, and then scrub gently to wash it off.

Use it as a lip scrub, that's both gentle and yummy on your lips. Take a pinch of product and exfoliate your lips. Leave it on for 10 mins and then just lick it off.

Shelf life : 6 months

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