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Apricot Scrub (Pahadi Gutti Khal)
Apricot Scrub
Apricot Scrub Heap
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Apricot Scrub (Pahadi Gutti Khal)

Apricot Scrub (Pahadi Gutti Khal)

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A soap-free, natural hand-pounded face & body wash apricot meal powder, enriched with apricot kernel oil. Exfoliated dead cells while moisturizing skin for softness and glow.

💡 Made from hand pounded apricot kernel meal from apricots grown in hills of Kumaon.

💡 It has high content of Vitamin C, which will soften your skin.

💡 It's also rich in antioxidants, which fights against premature aging and free radical damage.

💡 Earthy aroma of the oil content will give you a spa-like feeling after use.

💡 Super soft and gentle, so you can use it on your face fearlessly.

💡 Becomes even more effective and moisturizing when used with milk.


  • Pure Apricot kernel Meal. No additives

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