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Pahadi Gutti Khal (Apricot Scrub)

Pahadi Gutti Khal (Apricot Scrub)

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A soap-free, natural hand-pounded face & body wash apricot meal powder, enriched with apricot kernel oil. Exfoliated dead cells while moisturizing skin for softness and glow.

💡 Made from hand pounded apricot kernel meal from apricots grown in hills of Kumaon.

💡 It has high content of Vitamin E, which will soften your skin.

💡 It's also rich in antioxidants, which fights against premature aging and free radical damage.

💡 Earthy aroma of the oil content will give you a spa-like feeling after use.

💡 Super soft and gentle, so you can use it on your face fearlessly.

💡 Becomes even more effective and moisturizing when used with milk. 

Ingredients: Pure apricot kernel meal. No additives.

Directions: Mix the powder in medium of your choice (water, rose water, milk or curd). Let it stand for the 10 mins so the scrub particles absorb the medium well and become a mushy paste. Apply on skin and leave it on for 10 mins. Remove in circular motion with wet hands and rinse. 

Oily, combination skin type should avoid using pahadi gutti khal with milk. 

Shelf Life: 1 year


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