About Us

My journey to natural & holistic living began in 2015.

I was looking for my usual shampoo & couldn’t find it in local shop nearby. So, my mother, excitedly, took me to a store of then-up-n-coming-so-called-ayurvedic-brand, & I bought milk protein shampoo (their best, LOL). Next morning, I used it in the shower and within a minute, my hair felt like jhaadu.

I couldn’t help & read the label in the shower itself. To my horror, the first ingredient was SLS, something I used in my biotechnology lab to clean glassware & denature proteins. I knew exactly what harm it could cause.

I looked for SLS free options in India. Brands that didn’t use SLS, were using SLES, which was no good either. I ended up reading labels for all my skin products. Some pretended to be natural, behind their heavy marketing & branding, some just refused to mention full ingredient list. I resorted to asking my NRI friends to carry products for me every time they visited. But realised quickly that it wasn’t a long term solution.

So with little knowledge and background of chemistry and ayurveda, I started making my own products & my skin cleared up. Soon, my family started asking for them, then friends, their friends, everyone around me wanted to try. After their endless encouragement, sleepless nights of research and formulating, & many foundation courses later, Forever Earth was born in 2017.

Road that started with skincare, made its way into my lifestyle. I started eating mindfully and only that was best for my health and environment. It made its way into working on my emotional well being too and it grounded me. I am working on my family so they embrace this lifestyle, fully. I still have a long way to go though.

All I intend to do is make people aware that going natural is not that expensive, and make these things available to them. I hope that many other brands come up for this cause and people be just spoilt for choices. skincare is just the start; I hope fresh food replaces packaged food in our pantries, yoga takes over gym, & minimalism over consumerism. I hope all of us find our way to connect to nature in whichever way we can.
Thank you for being a part of my journey.

With Love & heart full of gratitude,


Isha ❤