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Lavender Hand Cream
Lavender Hand Cream
Lavender Hand Protector

Lavender Hand Cream

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Infused with mango and kokum butters, this hand cream absorbs deeply for soft and smooth hands.

nourishing yet totally non-sticky (that too without any silicones).
The creamy formula will make hard cuticles soft, and keep your hands smooth, And leave a nice glow. And a wonderful fragrance from lavender essential oil. So that's a plus.
It's lightweight and absorbs super quick. It's loaded with organic oils and butters, glycerin and vitamin E, everything your hands will love.

🦛 Emulsion like texture which is not very heavy and moisturises just right
🦛 Light weight and moisturising
🦛 Completely natural ingredients
🦛 Lavender soothes and smells just so amazing 👐✔️
🦛 Absorbs quickly and softens cuticles .Because of Sunflower oil, mango butter and vitamin E, it feels very nourishing


  • Aqua

  • Sunflower oil

  • Mango butter

  • Kokum butter

  • Natural emulsifier and Co-emulsifier

  • Glycerin

  • Natural Preservative

  • Vitamin E

  • Lavender Essential Oil

  • Arginine Amino Acid

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