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Gurbandi Almond Oil - 100% Pure, Cold Pressed

Gurbandi Almond Oil - 100% Pure, Cold Pressed

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Gurbandi, also known as Chhoti Giri, is primarily cultivated in Afghanistan. It makes up for its small size in how nutritionally dense it is. Gurbandi Almonds contain higher amount of oil than its californian brother, which means more omega-fatty acids and antioxidants, making it perfect for skin and hair purposes. 

Cold pressed method involves oil extraction without any application of heat or chemicals. The temperature during extraction is maintain under 50 degrees celcius, which helps in preserving the nutrients, as well as it aroma.

Our Gurbandi almond oil is free of any additive, or fragrance. It has its own natural nutty aroma that is guaranteed to smell like almonds in every whiff.

Ingredients: Oil from cold-pressed gurbandi almonds.


Directions for usage:

1. Body Oil : Gurbandi almond oil is deeply nourishing, yet absolutely non-sticky. Use it post bath on damp skin for maximum absorption. Gurbandi almond oil is excellent for baby massage.

2. Face Moisturiser : Spritz a hydrosol on face and pat it in. Follow up with a massage with 3-4 drops of almond oil in circular motions for healthy glow

3. Hair Revitalizer : Use is as it is for champi before shampoo, or mix it half with castor oil for thick, well nourished hair.

4. Hair and Scalp serum (Post-shampoo): Take 4 drops oil and slightly rub between your fingers. Apply on scalp and massage it in. Take 2 drops of gurbandi almond oil and rub between palms. Smooth over the length of hair to tame flyways, frizz and a lustrous look.

5. Makeup Remover : Remove your makeup gently by massaging a few drops of almond oil and wiping off the residues with a cotton pad. It doesn't not irritate the eyes and can be used to remove eye makeup as well. The non greasy texture and beautiful aroma is sure to relax after a long day.

6. Spot Treatment : Soothes eczema, diaper rash, dry and cracked skin patches 

Almond oil is ONE multi-purpose beauty product you need in your stash.


Size : 50 gms

Shelf Life : 1 year


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