Neem Wood Comb 2-in-1


Ditch your plastic comb today for a Neem Wood Comb that:

  • Reduces hairfall
  • Makes hair bouncier & shinier
  • Reduces scalp infections
  • Made by local artisans using sustainable methods
  • Are a thousand times better for the environment than their plastic counterparts
  • Are durable, and look beautiful 🙂

Our combs have been certified as pure Neem Wood by the ICFRE (under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India), and been attested by doctors as being beneficial for scalp and hair health.

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Reduce Hairfall

The biggest reason for hairfall while combing is the static charge that plastic creates. A wooden comb doesn't create any static charge, thereby reducing hairfall.

Shinier & Bouncier Hair

The texture of the wood takes the natural oil from your scalp and distributes it all over your hair, making it shinier and bouncier.

Reduce Scalp Infections

Combs becomes a hub of bacteria very soon unless they are cleaned regularly. Neem being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, is naturally resistant to any bacteria or fungal buildup.

Last Long

Our combs are designed for durability. The comb is reinforced with a 'backbone' piece of wood, which increases its strength and durability.

14 reviews for Neem Wood Comb 2-in-1

  1. Neha Sharma

    Its really nice and authentic. I tried it immediately after recieveing it. It is not too sharp on the scalp and I felt that it really does in distribution of oil from scalp to hair. Thank you so much for bringing in authentic products.
    Appreciate the cleaning tips on the packaging 🙂

  2. Sneha Jain

    I loveddd the comb, and the smell of the comb. Actually I didnt even see the dirt getting accumulated when I used it. Normally when I use the plastic ones, I see dirt and hair on it.

  3. Dr Radhika Mhatre

    ur combs are d best. tried a lot different ones none were good. thanks for such good quality ones.

  4. Preethi M

    Awesome combs

  5. Usha Arya

    This made a huge difference in my hair game. The itchiness of my scalp has vanished. Also hair doesn’t feel greasy because it evenly spreads out the sebum. Also combing hair with this feels like a nice massage.

  6. Utkarshini Khanna

    I have 2 of these. I gifted one to my boyfriend too & even my mom & brother love these combs. Great quality, fit inside any purse & are very easy to clean. Highly beneficial for people with itchy scalp!

  7. Rashi

    Have been using this for over a year now. This is by far the most durable wooden comb in the market. A necessary alternative to the harsh plastic combs.

  8. Shilpa Jindal (FEEL FIT FOODIE)

    As someone who is very passionate about wellness and health, I was very excited to use this anti-bacterial comb made up of NEEM wood. And I must say, I can never go back to using any other comb now. It’s so good. Also, I love it’s earthy smell so much.

  9. Kiran Rani

    Its really cool and soft shiny texture, wit a white finish. Smells neem-y too. Luvd it. Tq soo much.

  10. Anjana Tewary

    This is my second purchase for this comb. I am using ones i bought earlier and loving them. My family members have fallen in love them too, so ordered from them now. These are best quality available on internet. and dont break if you drop them acciedently.

  11. Shruti P.

    Thanks you for these amazing quality combs.

  12. Radhika Archakam (verified owner)

    I am in love with this comb,smells amazing , smooth on hair. Used few from other brands,but this is the best . No regrets in buying this,love to buy few more for my family n friends. Just buy,follow instructions on comb,nothing else ur hair will love this….❤️

  13. Sonali Patil

    I remember the first time the brand had started selling and I bought it. Am using it since 2 ad half years a d really happy with the quality

  14. Aditi (verified owner)

    I have purchased two neem combs earlier and after first uses, they have been sitting like couch potatoes in my drawer Reason- very small in size, even the wide toothed combs were like toothpicks and ultra sharp teeth that dug into my scalp. I still continued my search for a good neem wood comb and my search ended here. I ordered this 2 in 1 comb and I must make a special mention here that the founder Isha has been very thoughtful and intelligent in sourcing these. Wide teethed means WIDE in this comb, each tooth is so well rounded and truncated that the comb is very gentle on the scalp. Its sturdy and of a size that you can call comb! I just love it, keep it in my bag always. Thank you Isha

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