African Black Soap Wash


Black soap has traditionally been used in west africa as a remedy for many skin ailments, from discoloration and acne, to eczema and rashes. It is said to be great for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

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Black soap has traditionally been used in west africa as a remedy for many skin ailments, from discoloration and acne, to eczema and rashes. It is said to be great for all skin types, including the most sensitive.
How its made?
Black soap is made with ash from roasted plantain skins, which are a good source of vitamins A, E, roasted cocoa pods, coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter. The soap is free of lye, which is replaced with the ash from roasted plantain skins and cocoa pods. The coco pod ash provides the mildest form of exfoliation that is good for every day use. It is further enhanced with Vegetable glycerin and aloe. The goodness of butters and oils in the soap treats any sort of dryness.
Bonus: It is fragrance free, but it still smells so earthy.
Whats it for:
Even out skintone
Mild exfoliation
Treats eczema
Scalp treatment to exfoliate and detoxify
African black soap cleanses, exfoliates, de-oil AND moisturise the skin. Its supernova.
How to use:
Take small amount in your hands or washcloth, apply on body, work up the lather and rinse.
You don’t need to take a lot of product, little goes long way.

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9 reviews for African Black Soap Wash

  1. Radhika Archakam (verified owner)

    I am totally in aww!!! With this product. Skin is squeaky clean,just used with wash cloth as Isha told me,it really worked . Little is enough so the product goes a long way. The best part is it dint strip moisture from my skin. I am sure it will work on acne,even out my skin with continuous use. Give it a try guys,your skin loves it

  2. Arushi alia

    I loved this product.. I am using it as a face wash.. I have oily acne prone skin with scars.. this face wash doesn’t dry out my skin.. currently my skin is a little sensitive because of my acne treatment , but this face wash did not cause any irritation nor did i get any burning sensation.. I felt this is a mild but effective cleanser.. I had seen ppl raving about African soap all over the internet.. i always wanted to try this.. I think everyone who has problematic skin should try this product as it’s quite affordable and it will last you for a long time..

  3. Monica Magnum

    Isha ma’am launched it just when my mother and I were suffering from unbearable itchy dry patches and rashes. My rashes were gone in 3 days and haven’t returned. The dry patches are almost gone too. I am not a fan of the smell but it is a welcome change from the overly floral smells I was using.

  4. Savita Gupta (verified owner)

    I bought the product for my daughter’s back acne problem and marks. It has considerably reduced the acne and will continue using it for pigmentation also. Thank you Isha

  5. Priyanka babel (verified owner)

    I loved the african soap, i was initially skeptical to use it with the word “soap”, but it works beautifully without drying out the skin, i am using it thrice a week and its working pretty well to keep acne at bay!

  6. Pooja R. Nath

    African black soap works well as a great cleanser, body wash & for scalp dandruff. Using it and waiting for more results. As one should be use a product continously to know the ultimate result. Im using it for my severe acne, back acne & for scalp issues, n showing great results. Its having a earthy smell. I love it:) thank you isha

  7. Shafali Garg

    Another wonderful product by Isha. It has helped in curing my husband eczema problem a lot. He used to suffer a lot with dryness & flakiness in his scalp & since the time, he is using this soap, there is no dryness, itchiness, flakiness. Bonus is its earthy fragrance.

  8. Sharada (verified owner)

    This product is a therapeutic multifunctional everyday product that keeps all skin issues at bay and solves the existing skin issues you have. It worked better than a medicinal body wash. It worked as an excellent scalp clarifier that clears all the build up. It works as an excellent face wash too, when I used it for the first time on my face , It looked like I had gotten a facial.
    When used over a period of time , it worked in calming the Acne & stress acne

  9. Sanjana

    I got the African black soap wash when my skin was going through a rough phase, I had recently got a major rash and allergic reaction and I wasn’t able to get it to calm down and my skin was getting drier by the day, I took a chance on this one and it definitely made my skin back to normal along with my homeopathy medicines. The soap has a lovely earthy muddy scent and lathers well and makes my skin feel soft, I introduced it to my mom who usually prefers soap and she loved it so much that my bottle is over!! Definitely worth restocking!

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