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Zzzz - Sleep

While some might think it’s just a catchy phrase, beauty sleep is a real thing. When we sleep, our whole body rests and repairs itself, including our skin.

Sleep deprivation interferes with wound healing, causes inflammation, and is a sure-shot way to early ageing. Research published in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology in 2015 examined the correlation between sleep quality and intrinsic aging among 60 women. It found that good-quality sleepers (slept 7-9 hours) had a much lower intrinsic aging score than poor-quality sleepers (slept less than 7 hours)

Signs of lack of quality sleep
Under eye bags (pooled fluid)
Inflammation (aggravated acne, eczema, psoriasis)
Dark circles
Compromised skin barrier function

Why is it called beauty sleep?
Hour 0⃣-3⃣: Body produces human growth hormone which is required for collagen production as well as keeps skin from becoming thin. Lack of this hormone may cause collagen and elastic tissue to break down, developing loose skin and wrinkles. First three hours of sleep are most important.

Hour 4⃣-5⃣: Melatonin levels go up. Most of us know melatonin as sleep hormone but it is also an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage.

Hour 6⃣-8⃣: This is active REM sleep stage. The levels of stress hormone i.e. Cortisol decrease.  The skin’s temperature goes down allowing muscle relaxation. This is the stage of most recovery.

How to upgrade you sleep to beauty sleep
1. Decide upon a bedtime that gives you atleast 7 hours of sleep (should be before 12 PM)
2. Include antioxidants in your nighttime regime to maximise recovery
3. Skip bedtime snacks, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine
4. Keep bedroom for sleep and *** only. Avoid stimulating conversations before sleep
5. Invest in good sheets and pillowcase

And most important, STAY HYDRATED. Invest in your sleep more than you invest in skincare products. Sleep is the most important beauty tool.

With this, we wind up our AtoZ on skincare series. Let us know in comments if you enjoyed reading or learned anything new in these tid-bits and which ones were your favourites.

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