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Water Loss

Water loss or Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is when epidermis, outermost layer of skin, loses water to surrounding air due to evaporation. Skin loses hydration through TEWL everyday, and it is replenished fairly quick. However, When the water is lost at a rate faster than body can replace, the skin becomes dehydrated, and itchy.

TEWL is an indicator of the integrity of the skin barrier function which inherently refers to the skin's ability to retain moisture. An increase in the TEWL indicates an impaired barrier function. Skin barrier can be disrupted with age, not choosing the correct products and most easily by pollution.

It can also occur in low humidity areas. The air, being dryer, draws the moisture from skin, which is why we experience dryness in colder months.
💧How to prevent TEWL? HYDRATE & PROTECT.

Hydration comes from water. If you are experiencing dry skin, include more water based products in your routine. Look for humectants like Glycerin, panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid etc.

Lock that hydration inside with an oil based product on top. Occlusives and Emollients create a protective layer on skin that doesn’t allow water to either enter or leave skin. This is also why oil based products must be applied as last step in your routine.

If you do not want to have two separate products, choose emulsions that contain both oil and water phase. Your regime should contain humectants to moisturise, emollients to nourish, and occlusives to keep those lovely ingredients in your skin.
💧How to improve Skin barrier functions
- Use products containing Niacinamide and antioxidants.
- Opt for a foaming face wash or a natural soap/cleanser.
- Do no over exfoliate. For facial skin, once a week is best.
- Use cold to lukewarm water, never hot.
- Use a sunscreen.
💧We recommend:
Anti Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil,
Rose Hydrating Mist,
Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Serum, and
Antioxidant Everyday Cream.

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