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Under-eye care

What makes our eyes most vulnerable target of ageing signs

1. The eye area is lacking in oil glands, hence under eye area feels drier than rest of the face.
2. Under eye skin is at least 5 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, which gets thinner with age due to a loss of collagen and elastin.
3. Eyes are overworked due to being used constantly - every time you smile or squint or blink.
4. There are many capillaries in this area that can lead to puffiness if fluid builds up there. Rubbing the surrounding area also causes these capillaries to rupture, and produce discolouration.
5. Many facial products contain ingredients that irritate the eye area such as added sunscreen so using a separate eye cream can be gentler on your eyes.
6. Dark circles and puffiness could be a sign of toxic overload. Traditional Chinese Medicine says this area relates to your kidneys. Your organs may be overloaded dealing with toxins. (Not always)
7. In most cases, the appearance of dark circles has a genetic component. If dark circles run in your family, you are inherently prone to get them as well.

How to care

1. HYDRATE - Use a water based hydrating product to increase water content in under eye skin
2. MOISTURISE - To lock the hydration inside and keep it from evaporating
3. BE GENTLE - Always, always use your ring finger to apply eye care products. This is because ring finger applies lightest of pressure to the skin.
4. CHOOSE RIGHT PRODUCTS - Do not use products with essential oils, acids near eyes. Some ingredients can irritate delicate eye contour skin.
5. WEAR SUNGLASSES - Environmental and UV damage is real.
6. SLEEP & DRINK UP - 8 hours of sleep and good intake of water are non-negotiable.
7. TAKE A BREAK - Do not go to bed with your phone. Specially, do not operate electronics in dim light, as the stress can lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

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