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Are Toners Necessary? No.

In earlier days, toners were geared toward controlling oiliness, and fighting blemishes in the process. However, the approach used was tad bit drying and astringent, which made
toners gain a controversial repulation.

Some toner fans will swear these are multitaskers. But, there are many myths circulating around toners.

1. They act as cleansers
- Some people follow cleansing step with a toner and wipe away with a cotton pad. They are more than happy to see dirt on their cotton pad, thinking that's what a toner is for.
Truth is, if you are seeing a good amount of dirt after removing toner, then you are not cleansing properly or the cleanser is not doing its job.
Toners are not supposed to cleanse.

2. They balance pH.
- True, toners can balance pH. But why your skin's pH is getting disturbed after cleanser? Invest in a cleanser that's matched to skin's pH.

3. They are astringent and shrink pores.
- Astringents dehydrate your skin, make your pore swell that makes the pore opening appear smaller. These effects are short lived, but have long term damages.

Are toners completely useless? No.
The right one will improve your skin. However, It is important to choose the correct product and keep the expectations realistic.

Dry, Sensitive skin: Must stick to hydration toners for eg, Pure hydrosols, toners with Vitamin B3 i.e. Niacinamide

Oily, Acne Prone skin : Toners with Salicyclic acid and BHA are great for these skin types.

Ageing Skin : A hydrating toner, fortified with antioxidants.

If your moisturiser or any other product has these ingredients, toner can be completely skipped. In such a case, a hydrating mist is all you need.

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