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Skincare: Caring for your skin keep it healthy

A meaning so literal, still most of us miss it, and instead of caring, we start obsessing over our skin. With anything that requires care, most important ingredient is Discipline.
A care regime doesn't have to be complex, it should be simple enough for you to follow every day.

What we need to understand, is the difference between necessity and desire. Skincare is all about necessity. Whereas, desire fuels vanity.

While 10-step routines are popular, they may or may not work any better than a basic 3-step routine. An elaborate multi step routine is not bad. However, there are more mistakes to be made.
Sometimes, two products are not compatible and can deactivate actives in one another, making that exercise totally waste, or worse, react and irritate your skin.
If you struggle to keep up with long routines, try to include basic 3 products with actives that address your skin concerns, instead of having a separate treatment product. Fewer products to apply means fewer products you forget to use.

A basic 3-step AM/PM routine (Daily)
  • Cleanse: A mild cleanser according to you skin type (simple hack: the bigger the bubble, the more drying for skin)
  • Hydrate: A hydrating mist/toner to replenish the moisture lost in step 1
  • Nourish: A moisturiser for extra dose of hydration and nourishment (if your moisturiser has antioxidants, thats even better)

Add ons
  • Sunscreen (for AM routine) : Because UV damage is real
  • Under eye product : Under eye skin is thinner than rest of the facial skin. With age, its even more compromised. Choose a hydrating under eye care
  • Exfoliation : Weekly, if you dont want to compromise your skin barrier
  • Face-Mask : Weekly

Almost all points above have been previously covered in our atoz series.

If your routine is giving you stress, then you are not doing it right. Do less, less is more.
Ultimately, love your skin. That's the only care your skin needs and responds to.

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