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They are by product of steam distillation which is usually done to extract essential oil.

Every plant has water soluble botanicals as well as oil soluble botanicals. During steam distillation, oil soluble actives are extracted in essential oils, whereas water soluble compounds extract in hydrosols.

The properties of two distillates (EO and Hydrosols) of a plant is often similar, but not same. Unlike their EO counterparts, hydrosols are much gentle and can be used directly on skin, undiluted.

How to know if your hydrosol is fake?
A true hydrosol is just vapour condensed into water. However, sometimes, essential oils are added to water with the help of a solubiliser. Shake the bottle, if it foams then the hydrosol is fake. Do remember that water too gets bubbly upon shaking but those bubbles die very soon.

Not all hydrosols are floral water. They can also be distilled from the leaves, bark, stems, roots and other parts of the plant.

Hydrosols are not used for their scents. We have a habit of going straight to the smell of hydrosols. They are not perfumes. Hydrosols are therapeutic. They have amazing skin and aromatherapy benefits.

The hydrosols generally smell more herby than their corresponding essential oils. Do not expect hydrosol and EOs to smell alike.

They make for beautiful, natural toners. There are options for every skin type. Rose hydrosol is one that suits every single skin type and the aroma is a bonus.

Hydrosols have a shelf life of 8-12 months and ideally should be refrigerated.

Our Rose hydrosol is steam distilled from Chaitri Rose of Pushkar region. To order, visit our website or DM us.

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