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For the longest time, the first value we've looked for in a product is a great smell. Specially when buying from brick-and-mortar stores. We pick up the product, sniff it, and reject if it doesn't please our nose; without even trying it on our skin. Thankfully with online shopping, people have started to read the labels (sometimes) and fragrance is not the sole decision-maker anymore.

The word 'Fragrance' in your product label, almost always pertains to synthetic compounds to mask funky chemical scent of the ingredients.

After working with natural skincare for years, I recently realised, I can no longer tolerate the artificial smells anywhere, let alone my skincare.

That candy like, soapy, strong smells that come out of bath and body products stores, I once loved, now give me a headache.

Do we really want to pay for an ingredient thats not adding any theraputic effect to your skincare or contributing to the stability of product, but can harm us in ways unknown?

Its the same thing as adding red coloring to your food just to make it look more appetizing.

Worst part, Companies can actually hide from you, the nastiest of ingredients, under "Fragrance" label. Beauty brands need to write INCI names on the product labels, for consumer clarity. But, all rules are off the table when it comes to 'Fragrance'. The FDA exempts it from having to be more specific, even though it might contain allergy-provoking substances that you might want to know about. It is one of the biggest cause of contact dermatitis. ~
Buy products with essential oils, or phytoscents. Buy fragrance-free. Essential oils used within dermal limit add great therapeutic value to the product, and can heal your skin in many ways.

What makes your nose happy doesn't necessarily make your skin happy!
Unless its a perfume, don't bother with the fragrance.

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